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Route / Interchanges: Salak Expressway – an extension of Federal Highway from Seputeh to Salak Selatan and linked to East–West Link Expressway up-to Taman Connaught. The KL – Seremban Expressway (KLS) is the ANIH Berhad’s highway component linking Kuala Lumpur in the north heading south to Sg Besi toll plaza; a span of approximately 10 km. The toll plaza is operated by PLUS Expressways Bhd to provide motorists with a seamless link to the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban component of PLUS highway or Sg Besi Highway. This expressway is part of the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Dispersal Link Scheme. Toll payment for KLS is collected at Toll Plaza Sg Besi to cover the use of KLS. Read more


1.22pm GRANDSAGA@E7 : Trafik perlahan dari Tol Batu 9 ke Pusat Bandar.54 mins ago 0 0
1.15pm PLUS@E1 : Status kemalangan 2 buah treler terbakar di KM259.6 selatan (Sg.Perak ke Terowong Menora), arah se… https://t.co/5343g4kHMw1 hour ago 14 10
11.56am PLUS@E2 : Trafik perlahan selepas keluar Plaza Tol Sg.Besi ke Pusat Bandar.2 hours ago 0 3
11.47am LINKEDUA@E3 : Trafik perlahan diatas jambatan dari Malaysia ke Singapura. https://t.co/i07GUY7VsK2 hours ago 0 2
10.48am KLK@E8 : Trafik mula perlahan sebelum masuk Plaza Tol Gombak hala timur. https://t.co/opUoxdf1EY3 hours ago 4 8
10.24am TAMBAK JOHOR@E2 : Trafik perlahan dari Singapura ke Malaysia kedua-dua arah.4 hours ago 2 3
9.51am JPP@E36 & JSHAMS@E28 : Trafik lancar sepanjang jambatan kedua-dua arah.4 hours ago 1 2
9.07am KLK@LPT1 & LPT2@E8 : Trafik lancar sepanjang lebuhraya kedua-dua arah.5 hours ago 0 1
8.16am : Trafik masih lancar di sepanjang lebuhraya PLUS@E1 & E2. Selamat memandu.6 hours ago 1 2
7.25am TAMBAK JOHOR@E2 : Trafik perlahan dari Singapura ke Malaysia.7 hours ago 1 3

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