Highway Info EDL

Route / Interchanges: CIQ Complex, Bukit Chagar – NSE, Pandan Interchange

The Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) is an 8.1km expressway that connects the end of the North-South Expressway (NSE) at Pandan Interchange to the new Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Custom, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) in the city centre. The RM1.27 billion project will act as a bypass to CIQ complex without using Jalan Tebrau (Federal Route) to the city centre.

The EDL starts at Pandan Interchange and ends at the CIQ complex. From Pandan Interchange to Bakar Batu Interchange, is a 4.1km dual three lanes at-grade, and from Bakar Batu Interchange to the CIQ, is the elevated 4km dual three lanes with wide shoulders.

The EDL expressway concession was awarded to MRCB Lingkaran Selatan Sdn Bhd (MLSSB) on 26 June 2007 to design, construct, operate and maintain the highway. THe EDL is the first fully private-sector funded highway.

EDL is part of the JB Master Plan and is linked with the Iskandar Malaysia project to propel the region into a modern economic powerhouse.


Lebuhraya Penyuraian Johor Bahru (Eastern Dispersal Link Expressway/Johor Bahru Eastern Dispersal Link Exressway)

Year Opened : 2012