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Routes / Interchanges: Gombak – Karak with Genting Sempah IC, Bukit Tinggi IC, Bentong East IC

Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway (KLK) is a-60 km in length highway spanning from Gombak to Karak. KLK is the main thoroughfare connecting the Klang Valley through Gombak, and Karak town in Pahang. The Highway is unique as it was built through and across mountainous terrain including a solid granite mountain. KLK is the Gateway to the east coast states and links to many major tourist destinations. Together with its highway extension, East Coast Expressway Phase 1 (see ECE1), both KLK and ECE1 stands as the 2nd longest expressway in Malaysia providing a length of 234 km seamless connection between the Klang Valley and the state of Terengganu. Its concessionaire ANIH Berhad has rebranded both expressways as “LPT (Gombak-Karak-Kuantan-Jabor)” to denote its highway flagship in the east coast states of the Peninsula.

Highway History

Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway(initially from Km 15.5 to Km 81) was originally built in 1970s by the government of [[Malaysia]] as an alternative for the winding, narrow [[Malaysia Federal Route 68|Federal Route]] {{JKR|68}} which runs from Gombak in [[Kuala Lumpur]] to Bentong, [[Pahang]]. The highway included a 900-m [[tunnel]] at Genting Sempah, which became Malaysia’s first highway tunnel ever constructed. It was officially opened on 1979 by Minister of Works and Communications that time [[Dato Abdul Ghani Gilong]].

However, the cost of the construction of this highway was considered as expensive for Malaysia which at that time was an [[agriculture|agricultural]] country. Therefore, the government decided to make Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway as a [[toll road]] to help covering all the construction works. As a result, two [[Toll house|toll gates]] were constructed at Gombak and Bentong and the toll road was administered under [[Malaysian Highway Authority]]. The highway was officially opened to traffic in 1977.

Privatisation and Upgrading into Multi-lane Highway

The importance of Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway as the main road from Kuala Lumpur to eastern states of Peninsular Malaysia resulted in the government’s decision to implement (on a privatisation basis) the improvement and upgrading of the highway to a multi-lane highway from Km 19.2 to Km 79.2. MTD Construction Sdn. Bhd. was awarded by the government as the ” Concession Company” which was then novated to MTD Prime Sdn. Bhd.Thus, the former 2-lane highway become a dual-carriageway with 6 lanes (3 at each direction) from Gombak (km 19.2) to Selesa Hill Homes(km 42.), and a 4 -lane (2 each direction) from km42 to end of highway at km 79.2. , a distance of 60 km.
The upgrading works also included the construction of a second tunnel located beside the existing tunnel to provide additional two lanes for eastbound traffic, widening the toll gates at Gombak and Bentong and also constructinginterchanges to replace junctions. However, some junctions were provided with Vehicular Box Culvert (VBC) and some U-turns , to enable entry and exit to the junction for the opposite direction of the Highway.


Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur – Karak (Karak Expressway)

Year Opened : 1994