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Main tunnel : Bulatan Kampung Pandan on Jalan Tun Razak (Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road) – Sungai Besi Airport on Kuala Lumpur – Seremban ExpresswaySultan Ismail link tunnel : Imbi – main tunnel

After a serious floods that hit Kuala Lumpur in 2000 and 2001, the Government looked into various options to solve the flooding problem which has becoming more severe and
frequent over the years.  The Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART) is the world’s first dual-purpose tunnel that was constructed to address the flooding issues that have ravaged the city
of Kuala Lumpur in recent years.  At the same time it helps to ease the traffic congestion issues at the southern gateway to the city center. The project was undertaken by Syarikat Mengurus Air
Banjir & Terowong Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture between two leading construction companies in Malaysia, namely MMC Corporation Berhad and Gamuda
Berhad under the close supervision by the Drainage & Irrigation Department Malaysia (DID) and the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) as the executing government agencies.

Design of the tunnel’s operating systems was governed by fail-safe co-existence of the two different functions.  The flood gates at both ends of the road section must remain closed at all times during traffic
operation and open only when tilting road gates in the ingress and egress transition ramps are closed.  Floodwater will be directed into each deck separately.If flood control requires the extra capacity of the lower deck only, the environment of the top deck will be protected to facilitate the road section’s reopening.  The philosophy adopted for design of road tunnel fixtures and fittings is for everything to remain in
place during flood control operation as well as during restoration back to road operations.

 SMART existing management team averages over 10 years of career experience in highway industry and projects. These include toll operations, highway maintenance, road construction, tunnel servicing and M&E services. The team is responsible for operating, maintaining & managing stormwater management and road tunnel. The SMART functions are to mitigate floods, manage traffic, tackle congestion, provide information to road users, improve safety and journey time reliability, whilst respecting and minimizing any adverse impact on the environment. SMART fulfills its role by working closely with its partners and suppliers to deliver an efficient and sustainable stormwater management and road tunnel that meets the needs of all users.Since SMART began its operations in July 2007, it has handled a total of 130 storm events.  The tunnel has protected KL from
7 major storms thus far and two such instances were on March 22, 2008. March 3, 2009 & May 2012.  As a result, the Masjid Jamek area and its vicinity were spared from the flood impact.

SMART is truly a unique piece of engineering.  As a result, it has won numerous awards, both locally and overseas, such as the Malaysian Construction Industry Excellence Award 2007 (CIDB), the Gold Award from the Association of Consulting Engineering Malaysia in 2008 (ACEM), the Engineering Excellence Awards 2008 from the Association of Consulting Engineering of United Kingdom
(ACE) and the British Construction Industry Awards 2008 (BCIA) for International Category.In 2010 SMART has been awarded with the IEM Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award and also the REAM Best Project Award.  The best achievement of SMART is when it was recognized by the United Nation while it received the UN Habitat 2011 Scroll of Honor award in Mexico for its succesful role and functions.SMART was also screened by two prestigious television networks; the National Geographic Channel in 2007, Discovery Channel in 2006 and interviewed by the BBC Radio News United Kingdom in 2009.  To date, more than 2,000 visitors, including local and foreign dignitaries, have visited SMART and left impressed by its unique functionality and success.


(Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel)

Year Opened : 2007