Highway facilities: Safety, convenience and comfort

July 21, 2014
Travel Smarter

Malaysian highways have set international standards with their first class facilities and high standards for the safety, convenience and comfort of highway users. Each of the highway operator provides basic “must have” facilities as follows:

  1. Plaza Toll with booths for cash payment as well as Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
  2. Patrol Team
  3. Rest and Service Area (R&R) (for inter urban highway)
  4. Lay-by (for intra urban highway)
  5. Emergency telephone
  6. Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
  7. Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCCS)
  8. Motorcycle shelter

Many Malaysian highways also provide additional amenities such as petrol and services stations, pedestrian bridges, Vehicle Detection System (VDS) that is used to collect data to count the number of vehicles plying a certain stretch and Variable Message System (VMS) which is for the display of messages such as safety announcements.

Check out the list of highways with the facilities available to better serve the needs of travellers, excluding the eight items mentioned above. It should also be noted that lay-by is a feature of an intra urban highway, while a rest and recreation area, or also commonly known as rest and service area, is a facility provided at inter urban highway.