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Route / Interchanges: Templer Park – Ijok

KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway Berhad (KLSEB) is the concessionaire for the KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway). The Company, formerly known as Lebuhraya Assamjawa Taman Rimba Bhd (‘LATAR’), was incorporated in 1996. At that time, the shareholding was 60% held by Bina Puri Holdings Bhd and 40% held by Arena Irama Sdn Bhd.

Construction of the LATAR KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway commenced in 2008 when a supplemental concession agreement was signed on 28 February 2008 with the Ministry of Works representing the Government of Malaysia.

Subsequently, Bina Puri Holdings Bhd reduced its stake in KLSEB to 50% while Arena Irama Sdn Bhd increased its stake to 50%. The Company achieved financial close in October 2008 with a total of RM1.04 billion loan from Bank Pembangunan Malaysia and the Islamic Development Bank.

The Company has a 40-year concession on the LATAR Expressway. The concession was awarded on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme in which the Company is responsible to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain the expressway.

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5.01am SELATAN : Trafik lancar di sepanjang lebuhraya PLUS@E2, SDE@E22 & EDL@E14.1 hour ago 0 0
3.00am UTARA : Trafik lancar dikedua-dua arah lebuhraya PLUS@E1 & BKE@E15.3 hours ago 0 0
2.22am PLUS@E2 : Kemalangan di KM 265 SB (Bdr.Ainsdale-Seremban) selesai & trafik lancar.4 hours ago 0 0
1.55am PLUS@E2: Kemalangan Km 265 Bdr.Ainsdale ke Seremban. Kenderaan terlibat telah dialihkan ke tepi. Trafik masih perlahan.4 hours ago 0 0
1.34am KLK & LPT 1 & 2 : Trafik bergerak lancar disepanjang lebuhraya dikedua-dua hala. Selamat memandu5 hours ago 0 0
11.23pm PLUS@E1&E2, KLK & LPT@E8 : Trafik lancar disepanjang lebuhraya utama Negara menuju ke utara, selatan & timur.7 hours ago 0 3
10.51pm PLUS@E1: Trafik masih perlahan dari Kuala Kangsar ke Bukit Berapit.7 hours ago 0 2
10.50pm PLUS@E2: Trafikm lancar sepanjang leburaya dari Plaza Tol Sg.Besi ke Seremban seterusnya menuju ke Johor Bahru dikedua-dua arah8 hours ago 0 1
9.36pm PLUS@E1: Status kemalangan Km 253.9 utara (Terowong Menora ke Kuala Kangsar). Insiden selesai. Trafik masih perlahan.9 hours ago 0 1
9.16pm JPP@E36 & JSAH@E28 : Trafik lancar dikedua-dua arah sepanjang Jambatan. Selamat memandu.9 hours ago 0 1

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